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Since 1984 Driveshafts Centre has been the undisputed driveshafts industry leader and supplier of quality  components. Our skilled staff have expertise which includes anything and everything related to driveshafts, CV joints and CV boots. Contact us if you require any assistance related to:

Complete Driveshaft Replacement

Custom Built Driveshafts

CV Joint Inspection, Replacement or Repair

CV Boot Inspection or Replacement

Supply of Thermoplastic CV Boots

Oil Seal Replacement, Inspection and Repair

How do you know if your CV Joints need replacement?

Driveshafts Centre is a pioneer in the driveshaft and constant velocity (cv) joint market in South Africa. Our customers include many of the major car dealerships like Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota, VW and others. We have knowledgeable and friendly staff and are able to provide a valuable and timeous service to our customers.

Driveshafts are commonly found on front wheel drive, all-wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles. The main function of the driveshaft is to transfer the engine’s power from the gearbox to the vehicle’s wheels. Driveshafts consist of a wheel side cv joint, gearbox side cv joint and the connecting shaft. This system must be able to compensate for any variation in angle and length caused by movement in the suspension and by steering.

Some driveshaft designs also make use of carrier bearings while others may have torsional dampers. Many vehicles’ ABS (anti-lock braking system) functions by means of an ABS ring connected to the cv joint and a sensor which is connected to the vehicle’s computer and which monitor’s wheel lock under braking.

We recommend that driveshafts be serviced every 40 000km to 60 000km as this will extend the life of the components and can save costs in the long run. It is also very important to regularly check that the cv boots are in good condition and are not damaged or leaking grease. The grease inside the cv boot lubricates the moving parts inside the cv joint and should be of adequate quantity, good quality and free of contaminants. Driveshafts will quickly wear or be damaged if not adequately lubricated.

So, what are the common indicators of problems with a driveshaft or cv joint? When cv joints on the gearbox side of a vehicle are worn, the driver would normally experience vibrations when accelerating. Wear on the wheel side cv joints normally causes a TUK-TUK noise when turning. It is best to give immediate attention to driveshaft and cv joint problems to ensure that the vehicle is safe and to prevent a breakdown or possible damage to the vehicle.

We further offer very good quality cv boots which will far outlast most aftermarket cv boots available today. We also offer thermoplastic cv boots which are more resistant to damage, and which carries a one year warranty. CV boots made with Hytrel thermoplastic polyester elastomer resin may for example be a good choice for 4×4 vehicles which are used in off-road conditions and where the cv boots are prone to damage by bushes, branches or other objects.

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CV Joint / Driveshafts / Boots

Supply and fitment of driveshafts, cv joints, and cv boots for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

We also offer driveshafts services to extend product lifespan and avoid costly replacements.  CV joint service every 40000km is highly recommended.

Propshaft / Balance / Repair

Driveshafts Centre uses the latest CEMB (Italy) equipment to detect and correct imbalances in propshafts, rotors, fans, etc. We provide customers with advanced diagnostic printouts.

We have the capacity, equipment and skills to provide fast, excellent service.

Steering Racks (New / Recon)

Driveshafts Centre supplies and fits new and reconditioned steering racks,  rack ends, tie rod ends, steering rack boots and steering pumps on all passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Suspension Replacement

We offer supply and fitment of suspension parts, such as control arms, struts / mountings and shock absorbers on all passenger and light commercial vehicles.   

Car Services

Driveshafts Centre branches have the equipment and expertise to offer major and minor services on all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicles.

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