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Driveshafts Centre are proud distributors of an exclusive and unique range of 4X4 accessories


Differential Guards and Puma Conversion Kits
Land Rover Drawer System and Bonnet Protectors
Bumper Steps and Bash Plates
Land Rover Differential Guard

Your differential is the lowest point on your vehicle. Damage to your differential from stones, rocks and debris on the road will put an immediate halt to your over-landing adventure. With our precision engineered differential guard, your 4×4 experience will be a lot more relaxing (and fun) knowing that your vehicle is completely protected.

Land Rover Differential Guard
Land Rover Bash Plates

Land Rover Bash Plates

Relax and feel safe in the knowledge that the front end of your Land Rover Defender or Discovery will be protected while you’re 4×4’ing or  while on your favourite off road trail. Installing Stone Accessories Bash Plates protects the steering rod, differential and sump from damage by rocks and other debris.

Land Rover Bumper Steps and Corner Protectors

Protect that vulnerable back corner area of your Land Rover Defender or Discovery. And at the same time, you’ll have a useful step for checking items on the roof rack. With a set of Land Rover Corner Protectors / Bumper Steps you can rest assured that your Landy is protected from corner dings and dents. Our products are made with thick steel and a high quality anti-skid grip on the top of the step for your safety.

Each purchase is sold as a set of both left and right and they include everything you’ll need for an easy installation. Our fitting instructions guide you to using existing holes, so no drilling is required.

Land Rover Bumper Step / Corner Protector

Transfer Case Sump Extension Kit

If you increase the oil capacity on your Land Rover, you’ll improve your cooling.  By installing a Land Rover Transfer Case Sump Extension you can ensure your Landy will run a lot better and a lot longer with out over-heating. As you know, oil is pretty important for lubrication of all the moving parts of your engine so don’t minimize availability of oil, MAXIMIZE it!

Get a sump extension from Driveshafts Centre and we can even help you install it!

Our full range of Stone 4X4 products

We have a range of other incredible Stone 4X4 accessories in the store, and don’t forget, Driveshats Centre Fitment Centre are standing by assist with installation

Defender Puma Cubby Conversion Kit

Create a useful storage spot on your Puma dash for small items like glasses and extra keys with our cubby (glove box) conversion kit. The package comes with everything you’ll need for an easy, quick installation.


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Defender Side Step

No more complaining from family members about how difficult it is to get into your Defender. Install Stone Accessories’ side step and have a step that runs most of the length of your car. It’s also useful as a step-up to check the items on the roof rack, as well as adding protection against damage on the side of your Defender. Made with safety and strength in mind. Comes with anti-skid on the top and everything you’ll need for an easy installation.


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Defender Door Extender

How irritating is it that you can’t open the side doors on your Defender all the way? Loading camping gear and children is difficult. Solve that problem by installing Stone Accessories’ door extender brackets and your doors will open to nearly 90 degrees.


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Bonnet / Fender Protector

Besides adding to the beauty of your Defender, put a bonnet protector chequer plate and fender chequer plate on and be able to walk on the hood without worrying about damaging it. Chequer plate enables you to stand on your car while protecting against dents and dings.


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Drawer System

An awesome storage unit for your Land Rover Defender. The rear cargo area of a Land Rover Defender is incredibly spacious, this product allows you to add a storage unit without impacting on available packing space.


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