We just wanted to “slip” it in that you can now purchase the best quality automotive lubricants at the very best prices from Driveshafts Centre Online.

To keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, there’s no shortage of awesome products on the market to help you.

One of the most important products to consider is in using the best automotive lubricants to ensure optimal performance and long life for your engine and other systems.

Depending on its use, there are various types of automotive fluids and lubricants that should be used. Moreover, you need to consider your car type, design and other specifications in choosing the right product.

Driveshafts Centre is now a wholesale reseller of two of the world’s top brands when it comes to automotive fluids and lubricants – Fuchs and Molyslip Lubricants. We supply the best-priced product in either consumer volume or in bulk volumes for automotive service centres.

You should only consider the best lubricants for your car engine and it’s important that you know which are the most common lubricants and their importance for your vehicle.

The price of the lubricant and the benefits it brings to you are a fraction of the costs of replacement or repair. And it goes without saying that skimping on quality to save a few rands is surely crazy.

Below is a list of the types of automotive lubricants you should be applying at every service interval, depending on various usage scenarios.

1. Motor Oil

A high grade, top quality brand of motor oil is vital to avoid accelerated engine component wear and tear and corrosion, as well as to reduce foaming. Excessive foaming reduces the lubricating properties of the oil, leading to accelerated wear and tear.

Motor oil is not only important for lubricating, it is also important to keep your engine cool and clean. Fuchs’ Titan Formula SL 15W-40 Engine Oil will deliver superior performance to both petrol and diesel engines.

2. Gear Oil

This type of oil is key in making sure that gears are lubricated.

It is most often used in manual transmission vehicles, as well as in the vehicle’s differential.

Gear oil differs from normal engine oil in that it is a heavy duty lubricant that performs well in high temperatures.

It’s a much thicker oil than normal engine oil, which is absolutely critical for protecting gear mechanism. A better quality gear oil will much longer lubrication than a cheaper option, requiring less frequent changes, and certainly, a longer lasting gear box.

Choosing a high-quality gear oil such as WM Penn Gear Oil may be key to your car or trucks long term optimal performance.

3. Automatic Transmission Fluid

A quality automatic transmission fluid like Fuchs Wm Penn Type II-D will ensure smooth movement of the different gears and parts of the vehicle’s automatic transmission, while at the same time keeping all the hundreds of little gears and levers of the automatic transmission cool and protected from corrosion.

Repairs to automatic transmission systems are incredibly expensive. Why take shortcuts? Use the best quality automatic transmission fluid to ensure the longest life span possible.

4. Penetration Lubricant

A lubricating and penetrating oil like Molyslip Combat Lubricating Oil is the perfect solution to displacing water or moisture problems affecting the electrical system of your vehicle.

As a penetrating oil, it will help loosen tight bolts and completely silence those squeaky door hinges. Molyslip Combat Lubricating Oil is available in 200ml and 400ml cans.

5. Marine Grease

A waterproof marine grease is specifically used in areas where there is a risk of water penetration. A product like Renolit LC-WP2 will reduce corrosion, protect against wear-and-tear and will not easily wash away in water.

In addition to many commercial and industrial applications, Renolit Marine Grease is useful for protecting boat trailer wheel bearings and the bearings of vehicles used to launch boats at ocean or fresh water slipways.

6. Chain Lube Spray

A quality chain and linkage lubricant like Molyslip Professional Chain Lube Spray is non-staining and contains a tackifier to reduce fling off and to maximise adhesion.

Chain Lube Spray protects general and industrial chains from wear and tear, moisture and corrosion.

More Products Available Driveshafts Centre Online

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By using the right type of lubricant or grease on each part of your vehicle, you can rest assured that your vehicle will run as smoothly as possible. At the same time, these products can protect and prolong your vehicles service life due to their protective qualities.

Our commitment to you: Quality and Value For Money

Finally, we’d like to remind our customers that you are always assured of nothing but the best quality products at Driveshafts Centre. Our policy is to partner only with brands that offer well researched and tested products.

If you have any uncertainty about the quality of the automotive lubricant brand you or your service provider uses, feel free to contact us to investigate that brand and to provide you with more information about our quality brands.