On the 29th of September 2003, Jacob Greef arrived at the offices of Driveshafts Centre to apply for a job as a driver. We didn’t realize it then, but this was the beginning of a relationship with an extremely honest, likeable, hardworking and humble man.

A bit of background  to Jacob’s career

He was born on the 19th July 1954 in Saltlake in the Northern Cape. Jacob was the youngest of three boys and three girls. Unfortunately, two of his siblings passed away at a young age.

Jacob grew up following soccer and cricket while he also developed a love of reading. These are still interests of his. He also is a man of strong religious principles and this has led to him becoming an elder in the Apostolic Church in Mitchell’s Plain. He has been an elder for 30 years and he takes a very active role in planning church outings.

His working career started in Saltlake where he started as a worker whose responsibility was to load salt into bags. He was in this job for one year but found it extremely arduous. This caused him to become a farm worker in Douglas on a Northern Cape farm called Picton. He then moved onto the railways where he repaired and replaced sleepers.

All these jobs were hard physical work and Jacob now made the decision to head for Cape Town at the young age of 23. A brief stint in construction then followed before he joined Stellenbosch Motors in Kuils River. He had found his niche in life and he was a driver there for 11 happy years. Stellenbosch Motors was taken over by Auto Zelco who employed Jacob in the parts department for six years.

His next move was to Driveshafts Centre  where he was interviewed by Trish Horne who made the decision to place Jacob at the Bellville branch where he has been ever since.

A major force in Jacobs’s life has been his wife of 38 years Evonne and it is her influence that has made Jacob such a reliable and valued employee.

Jacob’s knowledge of Cape Town is legendary.  This attribute together with his reliability and dependability sets Jacob apart from ordinary employees. Jacob is one of those special guys that is really an asset to a company. Driveshafts Centre is blessed to have a man of this quality who makes every possible effort to ensure that the customers get the highest level of service.
The directors, managers and his co-workers truly appreciate what Jacob brings to Driveshafts Centre, as well as his loyal service over thirteen years.