On the 2nd January 1988 Victor Bambinkala walked into Driveshafts Centre in Parow looking for a job, having been referred to the company by one of our drivers .This day was of great significance in terms of the Company’s history as Victor has ,over the years, become an invaluable member of staff as not only is he a huge resource in terms of product knowledge but he also is a thorough gentleman with a fantastic sense of humour .There is a depth and humility to Victor that is astounding – he is the rock upon which much of the company’s success is founded.

Victor was born on the 3rd of September 1951 in Willowvale which was situated in the Transkei. He had four older brothers and an older sister. Tragically his four brothers all died. Victor ‘s family consists of three daughters and his wife, Cynthia. Cynthia is also an entrepreneur and she runs a large and successful crèche.

Victor’s interests are many and varied in that his main activities are fishing and cooking while he also has a love of cars and riding horses! He has suffered for many years from a high blood sugar and high blood pressure but he has never allowed this to interfere with his work. He also mentioned that in his retirement he would love to have a herd of goats. It is always difficult to ascertain whether Victor is saying some of these things tongue in cheek, but this is what endears him to co-workers and customers alike. It is worth mentioning that Victor suffers from “hot feet” and cannot wear safety boots but shuffles around in sandals. We have not, to date, found anybody else who suffers from this particular malady!

A brief summary of Victor’s working career will show that he worked as a gardener in Constantia for 15 years. He thoroughly enjoyed this job but his earnings were limited and he also suffered from hay fever and these factors motivated him to seek alternative employment.
Victor is a man of many parts and many surprises as he is also a fully ordained preacher in the Old Apostolic Church in Crossroads. He attends Church every night and preaches on a Wednesday and a Sunday. He speaks of a misspent youth when alcohol was his constant partner but those days are long gone!
As you have possibly ascertained, Victor, as was said before, has a keenly developed sense of humour which really endears him, well sometimes, to all the staff. He is also a solid father and husband and we are indeed blessed to have had the benefit, both from a work point of view, and from a social one, of this man’s presence. He has 28 years of service and it is our sincere hope that he has many more as Driveshafts Centre Cape Town would not be the same place without him.