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Driveshafts Centre builds, repairs and balances propshafts for commercial vehicles, trucks and boats and power take-off shafts (PTO’s) for agricultural and industrial machines. Engineering work is done at our premises. We also balance propshafts at our premises using the latest electronic propshaft balancing equipment available and as such we can render a valuable and timeous service to our customers.

A propshaft forms part of a vehicle’s drivetrain connecting the gearbox to the differential. Propshafts are commonly found on rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles. A propshaft must be strong enough to handle the torque from the engine but must not be too heavy. Most propshafts are made of steel, but aluminium, carbon fibre and composite materials are also used.

Vibrations and noises or a clunking sound when selecting gears could indicate a worn or faulty propshaft in which case it would be best to have the propshaft assessed by a propshaft repair centre.

Once it is identified that the vibrations or noises coming from the vehicle are caused by the propshaft, it can be best checked for wear and damage when it is removed from the vehicle. Wear or damage is commonly found on any of the following components:

Universal Joints

CV Joints



Center Bearings


Spline Assemblies

Carbon Steel Tubing

How often should your propshaft be checked?

We recommend for propshafts to be checked every 10 000km and for it to be serviced where applicable. This will extend the live of the propshaft components and save costs in the long run. Vehicles which are used off-road regularly will benefit from regular checks and where propshafts were submerged in water, universal joints should be regreased. 

If you experience or suspect a problem with your vehicle’s driveshaft, we can assist. We will test drive and / or visually inspect the vehicle. This check-up service is free of charge.


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CV Joint / Driveshafts / Boots

Supply and fitment of driveshafts, cv joints, and cv boots for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

We also offer driveshafts services to extend product lifespan and avoid costly replacements.  CV joint service every 40000km is highly recommended.

Propshaft / Balance / Repair

Driveshafts Centre uses the latest CEMB (Italy) equipment to detect and correct imbalances in propshafts, rotors, fans, etc. We provide customers with advanced diagnostic printouts.

We have the capacity, equipment and skills to provide fast, excellent service.

Steering Racks (New / Recon)

Driveshafts Centre supplies and fits new and reconditioned steering racks,  rack ends, tie rod ends, steering rack boots and steering pumps on all passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Suspension Replacement

We offer supply and fitment of suspension parts, such as control arms, struts / mountings and shock absorbers on all passenger and light commercial vehicles.   

Car Services

Driveshafts Centre branches have the equipment and expertise to offer major and minor services on all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicles.

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