RAW 4X4 is an international manufacturer of suspension products that is designed and manufactured in New South Wales Australia. It is the only aftermarket suspension kit that I know off that carries the ISO 9000-2008 quality certification.

RAW 4X4 AFRICA was launched in February 2015. In a short period, RAW have managed to secure agreements with many independent 4×4 Fitment Specialists, such as  Driveshaft Centre, in and around South Africa.

RAW manufacture two types of shock absorbers. The twin tube and the mono tube. Both of these shocks have the capability to operate in temperatures in excess of 240⁰C. This allows you to have complete control of your vehicle on D type roads as there will be no shock absorber fade due to increases in heat.

RAW 4X4 Suspension

Some of the feature of the Twin Tube:
41mm Piston
720ml oil capacity
Gas Cell Technology
Machined Eye rings
Polyurethane Bushing
360⁰ welded eye ring to shock body
Hydraulic Lock

Features of the Mono Tube
A singe tube designed shock absorber
46mm Piston and multi stage shim stacks for precise comfort and control
Alloy floating piston

RAW 4X4 supplies complete kits that give the vehicle a 50mm lift. The kits include:
4 Springs (depending on the amount of accessories, there will be different spring rates to accommodate the extra weight)
4 shock absorbers
4 U bolts
2 grease able shackles and pins
Steering damper (if the vehicle requires it)
and depending on the vehicle, we also supply the adjustable Panhard rods.

The product carries a 2 year or 150000 km warranty.