Stone 4×4 Land Rover Accessories

Imagine you’re traveling on unfamiliar terrain, or on your favourite 4×4 trail. It’s a crystal clear day with a perfect temperature. You’re with your mates and looking forward to the day’s adventure and the evening braai. It’s great fun, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your mind is at ease knowing your Landy is protected – you’ve equipped it with Stone 4×4 Land Rover Accessories.

You can now plow through the rockiest, most rutted, beaten track the South African bush can throw at you and you feel confident that your Land Rover will make it through without ANY damage.

No more worries or stress that your vehicle might needs medical help. You relax into the familiar sound and vibration of your Landy and head towards adventure.

The Stone 4X4 Dream Begins

Stone 4X4 Land Rover Accessories was established in 2012 by  John Barry and his wife, Debbie.

John and Debbie have a deep love for adventure and Land Rovers. They began dreaming about over-landing in their 1997 Defender 110 but they realized equipping their Landy for travel and 4×4’ing was going to be expensive.  Really, really expensive…

John is a qualified aircraft and power plant engineer with 25+ year’s experience. He owned his own aircraft rebuilding company while he was loving in the US. He and Debbie left that behind to settle in South Africa where they are based in the small coastal town of Betty’s Bay.  John and Debbie have created Stone 4X4 with the sole focus of manufacturing world class protective accessories for Land Rovers.

The first product John made was a bash plate to fit his own Defender. Once it was installed, he was constantly being contacted by friends and other Landy enthusiasts with requests for the same bash plate for their Landy’s.

John realized there was a clearly a need for these accessories for people like himself. The are people who wanted a quality local product at an affordable price.

The only snag is that John has exceptionally high standards.  His home made bash plate was made with precision engineering entirely on his own, but to mass produce product, his entire production line would have to uphold the same standard.

John searched until he found and hired professional CAD drawers for his designs. Then he searched for the best team of precision laser cutters, anodisers and powder-coaters. It was a lengthy search finding people who provide as much attention to detail and perfection as he does, but he is happy with his team and they are ready to supply.

The passion and love of what John does, shows in all the products he creates. His demand for quality is unwavering, every item is a reflection of the pride John holds in himself.

Quality Products Shipped and Delivered, Guaranteed

Only the best quality material are used by Stone 4X4 Land Rover Accessories. All aluminium products are anodised for corrosion protection, steel products are powder-coated, assuring no rust will ever be found on a Stone product.  (All the added materials, brackets etc are stainless steel.)

Stone accessories are specifically made for ease of fitting. There is never any drilling required – every accessory uses existing holes. And you’ll be pleased to know that John personally inspects every single item before shipping. Once he has approved the quality, products are bubble wrapped , packaged and shipped to (hopefully) another happy customer.

Linking Up With Driveshafts Centre

Initially an internet only business, Stone Accessories teamed up with Driveshaft Centre, another company dedicated to the highest quality products. The agreement with Driveshafts Centre is for distribution of Stone 4X4 Land Rover Accessories throughout the Western Cape.

John and Debbie have already sold their products to customers all over the world. Stone 4X4 Land Rover Accessories is now in the process of obtaining distributors in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, the Middle East,  Asia and the U.S.

Stone 4X4 Land Rover Accessories is a growing company and is always designing new products to add to their range.

If you’re looking to equip your vehicle with the idea of safety and damage prevention, look no further. You’ll find our ease of fitment, and high quality at an affordable price worthy of serious consideration to buy Landy’ protective gear produced by John and Debbie at Stone 4×4 Land Rover Accessories.

Trust us when we say you’ll be happy you did and sorry if you don’t!

Driveshafts Centre have added an exciting new store to the online presence. View all Stone 4×4 products on our online store.

Stone 4X4 Land Rover Accessories

Meet John and Debbie, the awesome husband and wife team behind Stone 4X4.