The Driveshafts Centre Win A Weber promotion is back in town!

We ran a very successful promotion to win a 57cm one-touch Weber Braai in 2015. Darryn Poole was our lucky winner. Darryn had purchased a set of CV joints for his Honda Prelude and was automatically entered into the competition.


Darryn Poole: Win a Weber Winner 2015

Mr Darryn Poole was the winner of the 2015 Win a Weber competition. Who will be our 2016 winner?


The win a weber promotion is a buy and win promotion. This means that all our customers are entered into the promotion on the basis that they spend any amount in store to be entered into the draw. The amount the customer spends can be on any purchase, from replacing CV joints to a less expensive service item, like a CV boot service.

The Weber Braai is valued at R2829, so that’s a great incentive to at least have your CV boots checked before you head out on a long stretch of road for the upcoming December holidays.

We’re running a special promotion on a CV boot service for all makes and models of 2X4 vehicles. The special promotion includes a full CV boot re-grease, CV joint checkup and, if required, CV boot replacement if your existing CV boots are broken.  At Driveshafts Centre we only fit quality, premium brand CV boots as a standard. You can read more about the importance of quality CV boots.

If you have made a purchases, you will need to enter your purchase on the Weber competition entry form situated on the website. All entries made on this form will be eligible for random selection as the 2016 winner.

To confirm that your purchase is verified and that you are eligible for entry, just go ahead and submit your entry again. We accept one entry per invoice (the more you spend the more choice you have to win). If your invoice number is submitted twice, it will only be counted once anyway.

Get going and submit your entry for the Weber competition now!

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